JailbreamMe Coming Back To Haunt iPad 2?

JailbreakMe was one of the most simplest jailbreaks in iPhone’s history. It was as simple as visiting a webpage on the iPhone and boom, its jailbreaked. Ready to play Cydia and all 3rd party apps. Comex released the version 2.0 of JailbreakMe last year and became the first hack for iPhone 4. Will JailbreakMe 3.0 return this year to jailbreak the iPad 2 for us? If rumors are to be believed, yes!


Comex updated Jailbreakme.com homepage with a teaser image hinting journey beyond the PDF exploit that was used last year. Hackers have been mostly kept in check by Apple when it comes to unlocking of iPhone 4 with most latest versions posing a problem. However given the refinement on the OS site and all the hardware / software patches that Apple has applied over the past one year, we would be really surprised to see something like JailbreakMe working. For now, a lot of our hacker friends would be busy working on iOS 5 and preparing for the iPhone 5 unlock / jailbreak.