iOS 5 Widgets Development Continues, Music Center Displays The Music Information

iOS 5 JailBreak has opened the gates for iOS developers to use those APIs which were earlier restricted from Apple. The possibilities of these emerging widgets is the result of the JailBreak which is available to developers before the public release. Just after a few days of preview of UI settings widgets, another widget that uses the push notification has been announced from Aaron Wright (@WrightsCS) known as ‘Music Center’. 

The concept of Music Center is very simple. Whenever you play any song through the Music application, it displays all the information of the music (artist, album, song etc) in the notification center. The notification center will only appear if you swipe your finger from top to bottom. You may not able to control all the functionalities through this widget as not all has been included. According to the dev, till the public release, it will reach to some another level.

There is no doubt that the iOS 5 GM or iOS 5 final will see a major boost in the widgets development. This is not enough! much more terrific things coming up in future. It would become one of the reason for people to JailBreak their iDevice (tether though) 🙂

It will be available through BigBoss repository in cydia for iOS 5 users. Of course, for free.

Are you excited about it?



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