Apple Extends Web Browser Nitro Engine Support in iOS 5, Enabled For Web Applications

Apple powered the safari with the popular nitro engine with the release of iOS 4.0. Though, it was meant only for the native web applications. Developers around the world couldn’t implement in their apps through the SDK. With iOS 5, Apple has extended the support of web browser nitro engine beyond the safari and enabled it for web apps developers. Now, devs will be able to give a boost on all the website opened in the embedded browsers. The news has been confirmed through the @chpwn iOS developer.

Before being implemented in the iOS, Apple tested the nitro engine on the Mac OS X and Windows. After a tremendous great response, they decided it implement it into another level. However, Mac OS X Lion, the next generation of Mac OS X operation system will include most of the iPad features. If you are developer and earlier deprived of the nitro engine support, use it in the iOS 5.

[via hackernews]