Apple's iPhone 4 Is A Bestseller For Verizon?

It’s hard to find a device selling in Verizon stores without any logo or customization by the big red. Earlier this year the Apple iPhone4 was an exception to this rule. After years of wait and rumors, a CDMA iPhone turned up at Verizon Stores across US. So far, Verizon was giving tough competition to iPhone with a long list of Android devices. At first, the affect was such that in early 2011 Motorola had to advice of lackluster sales due to Verizon getting iPhone 4. But now, we have some figures via an informal survey.

AllthingsD is reporting a BTIG research report claiming iPhone’s dominance at Verizon Stores. The research was done informally at 250 Verizon stores across the United States. As many as 51% Verizon Stores reported iPhone 4 as their top seller, while 38% claimed Android and iPhone to be tied together for the first spot. Of course these aren’t official figures, but this shows that Android’s growth has been halted by the CDMA iPhone 4. Combine this with the report that 1 million iPhones are running on T-Mobile as well and then Apple has started to sell unlocked iPhone4 in US. Android based manufacturers sure have a lot to worry.

With the iPhone 5 showing up in September (rumored), we might well see Android taking a bigger hit from iPhone this holiday season. For now, the wait for the next gen iPhone continues.