iPhone 3GS Relaunches In India, Unlocked, Rs 19000 approx

This was out in the wild since some time, people have been talking about this since weeks, but only today we hear kind of an official confirmation. The iPhone 3GS is relaunching in India, unlocked and at a lucrative price tag of Rs 19000 approx. Airtel and Aircel (and if the claims are right) even Vodafone would sell this. Twitter chatter confirms stocks are already with some dealers, however its clear that a lot of retailers are still awaiting stock and we are being told a week for rollout. Also confirmed would be a 8GB version. 

iPhone 3GS Unlocked, India

The 3GS would go on to compete with a bunch of Android devices in the same price range, viz Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy SL, HTC Desire S and a lot of them below that Rs 19000 mark. The debate on a two year old iPhone hardware competing with 2011 devices or Apple dumping 3GS in India would go on, but for now we should note that the 3GS will get the latest iOS 5 update. Also not ethat Apple hasn’t sent a notification for this, its the carriers who would do all the talking it seems.


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