Sn0wBreeze Version 2.8 Beta 3 Released To JailBreak iOS 5.0 Beta 2

Now, you have other alternatives to JailBreak iOS 5 beta 2 on windows. Sn0wbreeze, from iH8sn0w has been updated to support the yet released (latest) developer version from Apple. It allows you to create custom firmware on Windows, similar to Pwnage tool and restore with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in iTunes. The exploit which has been implemented in this tool is the same limera1n bootrom exploit plus tethered Jailbreak. 

Tethered JailBreak means that every time you reboot your device, you need to use the software in your PC to get everything working again. You can also use Redsn0w 0.9.8b1 if you don’t admire the concept of custom firmwares. In Redsn0w 0.9.8b1 for windows, you will need to browse the iOS 5 beta 1 for the JailBreak. It should be noted that only iPhone 3G S (old bootrom) can be JailBroken untethered on iOS beta 2. This is only meant for developers. So, you will need a registered UDID to activate the device after restore. Don’t pirate the firmware to avoid any issues.

Download from here

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