Now App Store Has More Than 100,000 iPad Specific Applications

It’s been just 465 days when Apple released the first tablet in the market – The iPad. Some even believes that it is yet the only tablet in the world available. To compete with iPad, many products were released which were the exact replica of the tablet. But at one place where everyone lacked was the area of the applications & games. The fact can’t be neglected that iOS application development for iPhone & iPod touch compelled the developers to take a step further and build some of the beautiful apps for the iPad. Since then the saga of the iPad application development started.

At the time of release, there were not even 100 applications in the App Store that were iPad specific. With the passage of time, the iPad User Interface really impressed the developers which led them to create application for two different device through a bit more effort. One of the most interesting part of the iPad was that the already available apps could work due the built in ‘2x’ option. However, the pixels got dispersed which was the most annoying thing. Today, App Store has crossed more than 100,000 iPad specific applications. I think that no one can even come close to these numbers due to the type of ecosystem which Apple has developed in these few years.

What do you think?

[via macstories]