Apple To Launch iPad HD And Redesigned iPhone This September?

Rumors about the launch of new products this september are at its peak. This is My Next sources suggests that there wouldn’t be a cheaper iPhone this september. Instead, there would an announcement of an another iPad which they called it as iPad HD and a newly redesigned iPhone. According to them, the iPad HD would be comprised of a higher resolution display, double as that of the iPad 2 (2048 x 1536). The idea behind the release of another iPad is due to the need of a ‘Pro’ version, something similar to what Apple currently does with the Macbook.

Folks, who works at photo and video production would be able to use it to the maximum extent. So, it will be meant for high end markets. Alongside, Apple will launch iPad optimized version of Final Cut Pro or Aperture to use the capabilities of the A5 (dual core processor). It would not be called as iPad 3 rather an alternative to the iPad 2. Also, they believe that the redesigned version of the iPhone may release in September and the rumors about the two versions of the next generation iPhone are because Apple is testing the iPhone 5 components in the body of iPhone 4 to prevent leaks.

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