iOS 5 Beta 3 Tethered JailBreak is Now Available For iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

Earlier today when Apple seeded the iOS 5 Beta 3 exclusively for developers, MuscleNerd tweeted that the iOS 5 Beta 3 can be JailBroken through Redsn0w 0.9.8b1 if you point out iOS 5 Beta 1 on it. It is difficult for Apple to kill this JailBreak because it is based on limera1n bootrom exploit which is somehow associated with the hardware. Thanx to Geohot for figuring it out during the days of iOS 4.x. Though, the untethered JailBreak is difficult to maintain. 

It is only @i0n1c whose untethered JailBreak remained alive even after three consequent releases. No doubt that he was somewhat lucky to get it working even on iOS 4.3.3. But Apple closed the loophole in the iOS 5 Beta 2 including the Gevey Sim which was related to forcing the BaseBand to unlock your iPhone. The fact can’t be neglected that once iOS 5 final will be available this fall, we will have a JailBreak ready till that time. However, it will be a tethered one. Someone from the hacking community need to find another way to untether the JailBreak soon.

We will keep you updated.


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