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One More Manufacturer To Be Added For The iPad HD, Apple Minimizing The Risk Of The Production ?

Some reports from DigiTimes claims that the Apple will add one more manufacturer for the iPad HD in addition to Foxconn. It will help the company to become less reliable if anything wrong occurs in the future. There are mainly two contenders when it comes to manufacturing products for  Apple which includes Quanta Computer & Pegatron Technology. As Pegatron has already received orders for the iPhone 5, chances for them to become the iPad HD manufacturers are comparatively more. 

According to Digitimes, the Foxconn hold the responsibility for assembling the iPad-series tablets mostly at its production base in Chengdu, western China. Due to the explosion at the Chengdu factory on May 20 leaving 15 injured and 3 dead, Apple may want to minimize the risk by adding one more contractor. iPad HD or iPad 3 is expected to launch in September. However, it seems very absurd that Apple will refresh the iPad again before one year of second generation release.



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  1. nick price

    who is Pegatron Technology

  2. Randy Marsh

    This is really good decision taken by Apple. There should always need to ready with backup plan. This new contractor will not make the production stop and production of the iPad and iPhone will not broke in high demand of the devices.

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