Fake iPhone is Passé, Fake Apple Store Is In (China)!


We have endlessly heard and some have even encountered fake iPhones which has become a regular these days with some or the other Chinese manufacturers ripping it off with names like iCon (What an apt name that is! 🙂 ). Now this is getting just better with some Chinese company ripping off the whole Apple Store.


This Apple store in Kunming, China; not only has an Apple store like ambiance with similar wooden and grey stone floors like the original, it also has similar product holders with the apple patenting to go along with it. The employees in the store also wear blue shirts with the Apple logo on it. The store also has the Genius section to learn about the product from the employees. The store also includes extensive rip off of the press banners of Apple which includes older banners of the iPods as well.

Guess what? The store has been so successful in its emulation of the original that the employees of the store genuinely feel that they are working for the original Apple Store. There is also a section for kids just like the original. As as the bosses of the store smelled that BirdAbroad is up to something they instructed their security to ban public from shooting at the store. Interestingly, there are three such stores and all of them are walking distance from each other.

Via Birdabroad