Apple Seeds iOS 5 Beta 4 For Developers, Enables Over The Air Update


Within month of iOS 5 Beta 3 release, Apple has seeded another developer beta to address some new features and fixes. Needless to say, one of the most important functionality that has come into action is Over The Air update. It allows you to download the extra content right from your iDevice without the need of downloading entire firmware. Through, iOS 5 Beta 4, developers have been able to save almost 700 MB of data. 

Along with iOS 5 Beta 4, Apple has also release Xcode 4.2 Developer preview 4 and iTunes 10.5 Beta 4. Various issues which you may find in this developer beta are as follows :

1) iPhone 4 personal hotspot feature has been temporarily disabled.

2) VOIP application running in the background can be terminated automatically.

3) Location arrow will be resumed even after the tweet from safari.

4) Syncing photos, most of the times may result only in thumbnails.

5) While syncing, some of songs may be missing their album network after changing the library

6) All of the local contacts stored in MobileMe will be deleted. Despite of the fact that they should be merged.

7) If you are forwarding a message with a file, it will not be sent.


1) An icon of FaceTime missing in all iPhone versions.

Through all of these issues, one can expect that new iOS 5 Beta 4 will expire soon. What do you think?