iOS 5 Beta 4 Over The Air Update Restricted For JailBroken iDevices, Uses An Explicit Check


Yesterday’s iOS 5 Beta 4 release enabled Over The Air update feature where users need to download only the changes and fixes. It helped most of the developers to save almost 700MB of useless data which they used to download unnecessarily. At the same time, JailBroken iDevices users have got into a little trouble. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t able to enjoy OTA update feature right now. Instead, they need to restore back to iOS 5 Beta 3 for stock files. 

This is due to the fact that Apple has put a explicit check in /Applications to detect JailBroken iDevices. If it finds anything wrong out there, it would give you an error. Otherwise, the download would resume without any hurdles. For those who are not aware, is found in /Application itself. So, you already know that you can’t escape in any way. However, this is the first time when Apple has used this kind of technique through iOS 5 Beta 4. Let’s us wait until DevTeam speculate it more and find a way to spoof this restriction.

PS: Don’t update if you are not a developer.

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