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FaceForward Removes Restriction Of Facebook Application For iPad [Tweak]

FaceForward has been recently released by @chpwn, one of the iOS developer who is known for his phenomenal tweaks in Cydia. It allows you to bypass Facebook restrictions to log in into Facebook application for iPad. Yesterday, Facebook blocked an access to its Facebook application for iPad which was hidden somewhere in Facebook app for iPhone system files and needed changes in the permission. But hacker community is always active in making impossible things possible. 

Follow the tutorial below on how to install the tweak:

1) Refresh packages in Cydia.

2) Search for FaceBreak tweak.

3) Tap and install it from the cydia itself.

4) Follow the on screen instructions.

5) You would be able to log in into Facebook application for iPad now.

Let’s know if you face any issues afterwards.

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  1. Jason P

    FYI this does not play well with IOS 5 beta 4

    • Monis Manzoor

      But it should work for the end user (iOS 4.3.4/iOS 4.3.5)

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