Hidden Facebook Application For iPad is No More Working, Gives 'Try again Later' Error


Earlier today, we wrote a tutorial on how to install Official Facebook application for iPad. Needless to say, this application was hidden somewhere in system files of recently released Facebook application update for iPhone and awaited to grant permissions. No doubt that Facebook team must be working really hard to unveil the application in coming days. But we already got our hands on the unreleased beta version of Facebook application for iPad. Unfortunately, Facebook has closed the backdoor within few hours of the leak. 

If you successfully installed the application on your JailBroken iPad through the hack, you would have been using it right now. None can forcibly let you logged out of it until and unless, you do it by yourself. Because that’s the only way when you would unable to use it again. Just now, we did the same and even after multiple attempts, we are experiencing a ‘try again later’ error. Believe it or not, but you could be one of luckiest folks here who managed to get into the application. However, our experience was fantastic. We found the application quite stable, fast and user friendly.

It is now confirmed that release for official Facebook application for iPad is imminent. We will keep you updated.



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