Android Tablets Sales At 1.2 Million Only

Android Tablet Sales

While a lot of news has been around on iPad outselling Android tablets 24×1, we wonder how Apple managed to pull the billions with 28.3 million iPads sold until June end. Leaving iPad aside, I recently got pointed to this page on Android developer site that shows 0.9% traffic to Android Market from Xlarge devices. Any Android device with 7″ or bigger sized display is grouped in this bracket.

Given that there are 135 million Android devices out there according to Larry Page, the above stats makes us believe that 7″ or larger tablets are only 1.21 million. Not very encouraging, given that 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab came out last year and since then we have seen quite a few Android tablets, some highly promoted ones running Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb. Apple’s dominance in tablets market is shocking and totally overshadows what it has done with the iPhone since 2007. 

Until last year, there was no market for tablets, no one pushing it and no real post PC era talk. Apple created the device, hyped it, drove the competition and still leads it. Android would have another shot at the ecosystem with Ice Cream sandwich before year end… and then we are excited about Windows 8 as well.


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  1. Unfortunately, using traffic numbers to extrapolate the number of devices is an oversimplification. Doing so assumes that the traffic rate of tablets to the Android Market is the same as the traffic rate of the other devices. Considering that there are fewer apps designed for them and they are mostly WiFi only, I would consider this to be a huge logical fallacy. Other recent market share reports seem to indicate the same; such as the one issued last week by Strategic Analysis.

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