zToggle Version 4.0.0 Enters Beta Testing Stage, Many New Features Coming Soon! [JailBreak]: Update

Another version of zToggle is about to hit Cydia soon. Being one of the beta tester, i couldn’t hold my excitement to unveil about an extended support. Since the launch of zToggle version 1.0, it has been a huge success in hacking community. It was made available from Cydia through BigBoss repository which allow you to disable/enable multitasking and backgrounding wallpaper features on your iDevice. Apple came up with an idea of implementing multitasking and home wallpaper from iOS 4.0. However, many people protested against the availability of these features. The reason behind it was continuous memory leaks which lead many apps or games to crash.

To enhance the performance of your iDevice, Razi Iqbal, an iOS developer came with an application known as zToggle. It speeds up your iPhone 4 & iPod touch to 2x times. Hence, you don’t experience any crashes or lags anymore. Earlier today, we received our beta testing copy of zToggle 4.0. In addition to all iPhone versions, zToggle now supports iPad 1, iPad 2 & iPod touch 4G. Now, you don’t need to attach your iDevice to Redsn0w for disabling and enabling multitasking or home wallpaper. Everything can be done right from one single application. It is one of the most useful utility that could take you back to old golden iOS 3.0 days 😉

Have you tried it yet?

[update]: zToggle 4.0.0 is now available in Cydia for free. Download it now!