Google Releases New Search Layout For Tablets

After the success of Google+, a social networking site that has grown tremendously after its first day of launch, Google has launched a new search layout for Tablets. Whether you are in landscape or portrait mode, all wide range of option will be available at a bar to filer your results. These filters includes images, videos, places, shopping and other things. Of course, the target is not an iPad but all wide range of honeycomb tablets like Motorola Xoom, EEE Pad transformer etc heavily pushed in various countries this year and lot of them would arrive soon.

Finally, we have a Google search optimized version of tablets. If you have not given it a shot yet, try it now. You will really admire the feature. Unfortunately, Google did release an iPhone version for Google+ application except a tablet specific version. It appears that the company is trying to port everything into a tablet interface but the process is a bit slow. Whereas, things should be other way round if it would have targeted only iPad. Let’s see what new things we would be able to see in future.

Did you like the new interface?

Screenshot courtesy : iClarified