Google+ Application For iPhone Updated To Support iPod touch And iPad

Google has recently seeded an update of Google+ application for iPhone that supports iPod touch and iPad. Earlier, the application was only supported for iPhone which made it unavailable for other iOS devices. Even after this update, though the application supports an iPad, it is not tablet specific. It means that you need to hit that ‘2x’ button on your iPad to have a full screen experience. Otherwise, it will appear too small for your eyes. However, maximizing the application on iPad completely ruins the user experience. The visuals on 9.7 inch screen get pixelated. 

But something is always better than nothing. At least, iPod touch & iPad users have Google+ application to support their devices. In addition to above updated features, Google has also added support for Huddle settings, a popular service which comes embedded with Google+ application. Huddle is an amazing integration due to its cross platform nature  but the features are way too limited. It also includes aggregated circles and notifications which notifies you of all the things happening in your circles instantly. Now, it is even more stable with a boost in performance to prevent any crashes like before.

Try it now! iTunes link

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