Kill Background Tweak Via Cydia (KillBackground)

Kill Background Cydia

Kill background is a handy tweak available via Cydia for jailbroken iPhone & iPod touch. It allows you to kill all the running apps on your idevice with a single kill switch. The button is visible on the bottom-right of your screen when you double-tap the home button to enter the multitasking screen. Do not confuse this for sn app. It’s just a small tweak.

We tried it a few times and it works quite smooth without any hick ups. However, I personally do not like positioning of the kill button as if often overlaps with apps so might end up killing all your apps when you actually want to switch to the last app in the row.

Also, the KillBackground tweak  is of not much use unless you have a habit of running a lot of apps simultaneously on your device. The background apps do not take much of your memory except for large games or the appstore. Its just a mental block for people to think that more background apps slow your iOS device. Its not true. However, its not bad to have a tweak which does allow you to free you from all your running apps. Try it. Its available via Bigboss repository

Looking to Kill all background apps on iOS / iPhone? Want to end all multitasking on your iPhone 5? Search ‘killbackground’ on Cydia. Requires Jailbroken iPhone / iPod touch or iPad.


Kill Background Cydia BigBoss

KillBackground Cydia

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