Apple May Release iOS 5 Beta 6 On 18 August

iCloudil have recently come across a system file in iOS, according to which next iOS 5 Beta shall be released on 18 August. However, the same source earlier claimed that iOS 5 Beta 6 would arrive on 17 August. Constant flickering on these dates let us reach to a conclusion that Apple can remotely control the dates in iOS file system. Well, the main target would remain unchanged, that is, iOS 5 Beta 6 will arrive in August followed by the final release in September

Along with iOS 5 Beta 6, an iPhone 4S/5 can be expected as well. Some credible sources have said that the next iPhone would arrive in October rather than September. Other sources suggests that Apple may come up with a cheap version of iPhone to target the medium range market where people couldn’t afford due to the absence of contracts. iPhone 5 is assumed to have a 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, dual core processor and a revamped design. Some chinese sites have also leaked cases of next generation iPhone and selling them over the internet.


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