MicroMax A70 Ad Launched To Take On iPhone 4? Silly!

Well, MicroMax has recently come up with a smartphone, A70 which is powered with a 600MHz Qualcomm snapdragon processor to take on Apple iPhone. It has been launched with Android 2.2  (froyo) and the design matches up with the Google first Eclair phone – Nexus one. According to the Advertisement in Times Of India which says – “i (can afford this) phone”. At the cost of Rs 8000/-, surely they can do wonders and attract most of the customers who need a descent device. But how can they call it a iPhone competitor when it doesn’t even come on Gingerbread (Android 2.3)? 

We think that MicroMax only wants to take their attention towards their latest release through these kinds of Advertisements. By publishing Ads in the newspaper, they want to target worlds largest selling smartphone, iPhone 4. Really? A70 doesn’t even have latest operating system and iPhone 3GS which is a 2 year old smartphone would be getting iOS 5 this fall. On the other hand, MicroMax A70 would rarely receive 2.3 update, not before next year and that too is a guess work. It could be a bit late. What about billions of application in the App Store? Can they be taken over by Android Market? No! We haven’t tried the handset ourself yet. So, we can’t tell you comparison with the tech specs.

What do you think about it?