iPhone 5 May Hit Apple Stores in US On October 7th, Pre-Orders To Start From September 30th


Some internal sources of 9to5Mac have told them that Apple is all set to unveil the next generation iPhone in September through a media event. This event may happen anytime time in September, probability at the end of month is really high. Unlike iPad 2 launch, the sources claimed that Apple shall give an advantage to early adopters by allowing customers to pre-order. These pre-order would start from September 30 or 31, the date is still not confirmed. At the start of October, that is, October 7th, the company would start selling its flagship device at major Apple Stores in United States. Of course, people with a pre-order would get it first followed by others. 

Well, we can’t still confirm the date for media event. But considering all credible sources from various sites, we can conclude that next generation iPhone would debut in Apple Store On October itself. The actual reason for Apple to give its customers an option for pre-orders is due to the fact that the production of iPhone 5 is happening on a very large level. So, chances for the company to become short of these devices would be actually less at the time of its launch. We have observed in last few years that Apple always get low of iPhone orders as soon as the demands increases to a certain extent. Indeed, Apple should be considering to provide its upcoming device to all countries without any delay.

[via 9to5Mac]

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