Celeste For iPhone Updated With 4.3+ Support, Send Songs Instantly From iPod application

Well, you must have definitely cursed Cocoanut for not updating Celeste for a while since its release in Cydia. But the tweak has been finally upgraded with some important updates and supports all firmware versions above iOS 4.3. Those who don’t know, Celeste is tweak which allows you to send files from your iPhone to devices of other vendors such as Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc. It means that all those devices which supports file transfer over Bluetooth can exchange content from iPhone.

Not only other devices but it also includes laptops or tablets. However, Celeste caused issues in the previous version where file transfer stopped unknowingly. We hope that the problem would have been fixed in this update. In addition to 4.3+ support, you can now send files from iPod application without navigating into system files with some weird names. The receiver would now receives .mp3 file with the same name as that in the iPod.app, that is, there would be no more songs without meta-data included. Also, file transfer wouldn’t be stopped when the device is locked or entered into sleep mode.

Celeste is a tweak which doesn’t add any icon on the springboard. The functionality has been integrated with the system file to make it intuitive in nature. Tap once anywhere on your iPhone, select the bluetooth option and send files. It comes at a price of $9.99 hosted under ModMyi repository.