JailBreakMe Founder Comex To Work in Apple As An Intern

JailBreakMe founder Comex has decided to move ahead after an internship opportunity at Apple. Comex confirmed about it in one of his tweet where he clearly said that the internship would start the week after next. Probably, Comex would be leaving hacking community in weeks. But we will always remember him through his amazingly dedicated work which Comex has done in this last few years. Starting from the Spirit in March 2010, Comex made a history by releasing one of the simplest JailBreak ever. Even for people who didn’t know anything, Spirit proved to be user-friendly. 

From Spirit to JailBreakMe, Comex has always used user-land based JailBreak exploits. However, Apple killed all of them in frequent software releases. Spirit was mainly dependent on iTunes version, changing of it lead to problems in using the tool. Whereas, JailBreakMe 2.0, first version, used a PDF based exploit where Comex used a backdoor in mobile safari to push the JailBreaking data. After sometime, Comex again come up with another version of JailBreakMe 3.0 which was based on the same principle. It helped iPad 2 owner to revive their JailBreaking days again.

We hope that this internship at Apple will help the company to know its security issues. What do you think?


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