iPhone 5 16GB & 32GB Appeared As Compatible Phones On Vodafone Site

This might be true that Vodafone was already aware of what Apple is going to release in coming months. One of the rumored phones that could launch in October is iPhone 5. Call it intentionally or unintentionally, but iPhone 5 16 & 32GB models, both Black and White have been appeared as compatible phones for a product called ‘Sure Signal Device’. This Sure Signal Devices is responsible to provide the 3G signals in areas where the reception is not possible. 

In the compatibility list of Sure Signal Device, all iPhone models including some of the unreleased phones such as iPhone 5 has also been mentioned. Earlier, we had seen a leaked document from BestBuy which claimed about the launch date in early October whereas the pre-order might start at the end of September itself. However, it can only be confirmed after the much awaited invitations for the event. It is also rumored that Sprint, another CDMA carrier in US would receive the iPhone 5 for distribution with contracts.

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via Appleinsider

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