Apple iPhone 4 Thinner Than Samsung Galaxy S2: Ruling

Samsung Galaxy S2

Last year when Apple released the 4th generation of its phone, we saw long lines outside Apple Stores and twitter stream full of iPhone 4 buyer. For Apple, even more than a year later, the iPhone 4 sells like hot cakes, selling as many as 20.4 million units last quarter. But Google’s Android OS is making rapid progress as well. Android is larger than ever before and has delivered several hits. Samsung Galaxy SII is considered the best smartphone on the market today. Samsung has touted good sales figures too for the same. 

The SGS2 features Super AMOLED Plus display, 8MP camera with full HD video capability and at the same time, it is said to be the ‘thinnest’ offering out there at 8.71mm. This is quite a bit thinner than iPhone 4s 9.3mm. Now, its no secret that Apple and Samsung are rivals fighting it out in perhaps all patent courts across the world. Their battle has also spilled over to UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, which has ruled in favor of Apple when it comes to measuring thickness of iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S2.

Apparently Samsung’s Galaxy S II has its thinnest point at 8.71mm, but at the bottom and top of the device there is a bulge that acts a a deal breakers (taking the thickness to 9.91mm.) The ASA agreed with Apple that a devices thinness should be measured from the point where it is the thickest and not from its thinnest point. As it seems Samsung would have to pull its ads pointing its thickness as 8.71mm and comparing it to iPhones 9.3mm.

We are just a little confused here as the specifications and AD below mentions SGS 2 at 8.49mm and not 8.71mm. 


Via Techcrunch / TUAW