Blocking iPhone 5 Via Lawsuit, Samsung's Big Plan?

Samsung vs Apple for iPhone 5

Apple has given Samsung a hard time for sure. The two tech companies have been fighting it out in courts across US, France, Germany, Australia, Korea and a lot of other places. Apple alleges that Samsung’s products are a copy of its iOS line-up and both companies have a bunch of patents added to the list as well.

Apple has drawn the first blood in the fight by securing injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany (effectively entire UK) while at the same time aslo delayed the launch of Galaxy Tab 10″ in Australia. Apple has faced tough competition from Samsung Galaxy S2 and has also won a advertising claim against the slimness of the SII recently.

Now that the iPhone 4 has sold 20+ million units last quarter and the next major release of iPhone is due soon, here is what Samsung plans. According to a Korean newspaper, Samsung executives are preparing for lawsuits against the iPhone 5. A top Samsung executive has said to have commented that they would take Apple to court over wireless technologies used by them as soon as the iPhone 5 is out. Samsung believes that Apple cannot avoid their mobile communications IP on the iPhone and thus they are sure to face a tough lawsuit.

In Korea, Samsung is the largest corporation. Lawsuits in US, UK might well go Apple’s way, but Samsung sure can do a lot in Korea. Samsung was humiliated at IFA when they had to take down their tablets after Apple complained about it. The iPhone 5 might be using Samsung’s components, thus giving Samsung some idea of Apple’s plans. Apple hasn’t uttered anything in public about the iPhone five, thus making it difficult for Samsung to do anything before the release is announced.

Apple is said to be working with a lot of other component suppliers to reduce its reliance to Samsung, this includes the A6 and A7 processors going to TSMC (note: rumors.) Samsung however remains a dominant force in tech industry with major production capabilities in displays, Flash memory, processors and batteries. So is Samsung’s big plan all about upsetting the iPhone 5 launch?

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