iPhone 4S Confirmed By Apple Store Japanese Site, Leaked!

Well before the announcement of next generation iPhone, Japanese Apple store site has confirmed that the iPhone 4S has been leaked. Through the leaked images, it appears that iPhone 4S doesn’t have any change in the design. However, it seems that even the GSM iPhone 4 design has been made similar to CDMA iPhone 4 which is now called  ‘iPhone 4S’. 

Earlier, the image didn’t load for them. Though the information got leaked. After then 9to5Mac posted the previously non-uploaded images on their site. We are not sure about the credibility of these images. But they might be true because Apple Store (online) has already gone down just before the announcement and these type of leaks usually happens.

In addition to it, we also have a new iPod nano which has been targeted for the fitness oriented people with a new clock face. The price also starts from 10,800 yen which is lowered from initial 13,800 yen. It also says that the iPhone 4S would be launched on October 14. What do you all think about it?


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