Beware: JailBreakMe.Com Has A Different Owner, Don't Use!

There has always been speculations that where Comex released two of its popular userland based exploits is in auctions. Now, we got the news from official sources that it has been sold. is no more under the control of comex and it may happen that the new owner of the site could try to push malwares in your iDevices through it.

Until further notice, it is advised that you don’t open for now. It can cause you to restore your device. MuscleNerd has tweed that @ConceitedApps have sold it for some $$. He also notified that all of the stuff will be shifted to soon. is the simplest JailBreak ever which can JailBreak your iPad 2 and other iDevices on iOS 4.3.3.

However, Apple has already patched the exploit in iOS 4.3.4 & iOS 4.3.5. We will keep you updated once other alternatives will be unveiled.

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