How To Insert Newsstand Application in A Folder

Apple released newsstand application with iOS 5.0. It allows you to buy magazines and newspaper subscription within the downloaded application and it now has a separate dedicated store for it. But one thing which is pretty annoying that you can’t insert this application inside a folder because the app itself behaves like a folder which can’t be inserted into one another. Here we will tell you how you can do that. 

Well, this is a little bit tricky and Apple may kill it in the next firmware version. I would call it a glitch in iOS 5.0. Just tap and hold until the icons start giggling like you do for deleting an application. Once they start giggling, drag and drop an icon into another icon and at the same time, tap on the newsstand app to insert it into the already created folder. You can miss it many times. Though it would work in 4-5 attempts.

Here, what matters is the timing when you drag and drop newsstand application while the folder has been created. Don’t believe us? Checkout the screenshot by yourself. Let’s know in the comment section if you have been successful or if you have any doubts regarding it.


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