Why Semitethered JailBreak Doesn't Make Sense?

Undoubtedly, semitethered JailBreak makes our life easy when we are in need of an urgency. But with the release of semitethered JailBreak, we have entered into a situation where most of the things doesn’t make sense. Definitely, we have alternatives which could be used as a replacement of stock native applications. Though, most of us have forgot the main motive to Jailbreak our iDevices. One of the reason is to use cracked (paid) applications and another one is to install tweaks, non-approved apps. 

And if we can’t use any of them due to any reason, JailBreak will not make sense (tethered, semitethered or untethered). As per the current situation, after the semitethered JailBreak, you can’t use ‘App Sync’ due to the fact that it patches up system files deeply and doesn’t uses mobile substrate. Now, if you want to make ‘App Sync’ work after semitethered JailBreak, you need to bug those guys who developed it. Due to any issues, if they disagree, you are certainly gone because we don’t have any other alternative on iOS 5.0.

Let me highlight the other reason which includes  installation of tweaks. Most people JailBreak their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to surpass the limitation in Apple APIs which is only possible through these tweaks available in Cydia. After semitethered JailBreak, you can’t install those tweaks or apps. Spare others, even the Cydia application may not work for you anymore. Ask yourself a question, is this reason why we JailBreak our iDevices? The answer would certainly be ‘NO’ from many of us.

Still, it all depends on your preferences. If things mentioned above are not your main preference or a reason to JailBreak, you can go ahead and use semi-tethered package. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to me right now. Needless to say, these issues could be resolved in the future. And if you care, tethered JailBreak is a proper remedy.