How To Fix Unknown Error (1) While Restoring iPad 3G On iOS 5

We just came across a problem where people are stuck and unable to restore their iPad 3G on iOS 5 due to an unknown error (1). The actual reason for this error is unknown and if we directly go to Apple discussion forum, we will realize that people at Apple store are calling it a hardware failure. But how can you have a hardware failure while resorting your iPad 3G using iTunes? This is completely weird and not acceptable at all. 

MuscleNerd, a popular DevTeam member tweeted a few days ago that the error can be fixed if you simply run the latest Redsn0w. In Redsn0w, open up the extra option and click on ‘Recovery Fix’ button to fix this error. Many people are still trying to find out the actual reason behind it. For some, who had taken an Apple Care Protection Plan for iPad, their iPads have been replaced. Even MuscleNerd suggests that Genious bar at Apple Store should use his tool to get the things in working condition again.

Let’s know if you have experienced the same error. And what you did to fix it.

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