iPhone 4S Battery Issue is Likely Due To Location Services, Fix

There were reports earlier that Apple engineers have contacted some customers who have battery drain issue. And they are trying to diagnose the actual reason behind it. This will let them fix the issue in the next software update. Till the time Apple come up with next iOS software update, you can try out this fix which has worked for many people out there. 

It has been found that battery drain is primarily due to the location services which are used after specific intervals. The feature which is responsible for it is Time Zone. To change the Time Zone, the phone uses location services which are activated frequently. Currently, it has been considered to be the only reason for the battery issue in iPhone 4S.

So if you have been looking for hacks to improve battery life of iOS 5 or iPhone 4S, you might do well with a simple trick we tell you. Navigate to settings>location services>system services>Settings Time Zone>Turn it Off. Many people have felt improvements in battery life of iPhone 4S after disabling this feature. While this is one solution, Apple might have a firmware update sometime soon to help you!

Let’s know if it works for you this way in the comment section.