Thinking Of Buying An Unlocked iPhone? Buy 32GB from Hong Kong at 757 dollars

Apple just made an announcement that they will be launching the all new iPhone 4S in Hong Kong on 11th November. The big difference we noted that the prices for the 32 GB unlocked iPhone 4S were just 5088 HK dollars which comes up to just USD 757. Generally the price differences between 16 gig & 32 gig throughout the world is more than 60-70 dollars, making the HK pricing the best deal on the unlocked iPhone 4S 32 GB internationally.

As we know it, there are many people who order their unlocked phones from different countries like UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia & Hong Kong. In UK & Europe the prices of the unlocked iPhone almost go upto 800 dollars making it expensive. For people in Asian countries, Honk Kong and Singapore are the hot destinations to get their latest iPhones as countries like India get the iPhones quite late due to stock issues. The price of the unlocked iPhone 4S in Singapore comes upto 745 USD for the 16 GB.

iPhone 4 In India

The law in many Asian countries do not allow the phones to be locked to carriers giving customers an advantage. Being from India, I always get my iPhone from other countries like UK or Honk Kong as the prices for the iPhones here are much higher due to customs/taxes. The prices in India are around the same as Europe but given the deal in Hong Kong, a 32GB iPhone 4S would cost just Rs 37,200 – compared to the Rs 35000 for iPhone 4  16GB. Don’t  miss it.

Note: The unlocked version in US would be launching this November at 650 USD plus taxes ( 6-8 %) for 16 gig, but the dates are not officially out yet. We shall keep you updated with all the pricing of the 4S all along.

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