Want To Merge Music & Video Application in iOS 5? Here is How [Tweak]

Before the launch of iOS 5 this year, we had one single application for media content. That application was known as ‘iPod’ which came preloaded into the iOS 4. Since Apple released iOS 5 for everyone in the world, this application has been divided into ‘Music’ and ‘Video’ for almost all iDevices. To revert back to the previous state, we have a tweak for you.

Unfortunately, this tweak works only for iPhone or iPod touch users. iPad users still need to wait until the support is extended. The name of the tweak is ‘Unified iPod for iOS 5’. It again merges both of your Music and video application. Hence, what you get is the iPod application in revert. This tweak is meant for people who hate the idea of two different applications and wants to merge them together in one simple application.

This tweak has been tested on iPhone 4 running iOS 5 and available for free on Modmyi repository which comes pre-installed in Cydia. Let’s know in the comment section if it works for you or not.

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