O2 Not Offering iPhone 4S In Czech

Apple is rolling out the iPhone 4S across the globe and they expect to be in 70 countries before year end. This is a fast roll-out and something that should really boost the sales during the holiday season. However there is a little hiccup for Apple with O2 in Czech. The carrier is not ready to offer the iPhone 4S to its subscribers and would eventually stop selling the iPhone altogether. 

The Apple iPhone 4S launched with Sprint for the first time in US and managed to give the carrier its best day of sales. Ditto with Verizon in US where Apple’s iPhone is the best selling smartphone for the CDMA carrier. And AT&T has for years reaped the benefit of being the only iPhone carrier in US and has seen its subscriber base sore past 100 million, there sure is merit in the iPhone that one may feel that O2 is missing. However O2 has cited Apple’s ‘business terms’ as the culprit.

We aren’t sure what would be those business terms, but perhaps Apple demanded too much business guarantee? Sprint is reportedly assuring billions in sale to Apple in exchange of getting the iPhone 4S. Vodafone and T-Mobile are offering the iPhone 4S in Czech so it O2’s absence wont mean that people there won’t get the iPhone. But would O2 lose potential business here? Apple lose potential sales here?