Infinifolders For iOS 5 Updated, Now Add More Icons in Folders

@Chpwn, the developer behind infinifolders has announced through twitter that he has updated the tweak to work with iOS 5.0. This tweak surpasses the restrictions of adding 12 icons into iOS folders. With infinifolders, you can add more than 12 icons into the folders and customize it according to your needs. In addition to it, you can flick up or down for the icons to discover once the limit is reached. 

The exact reason why Apple restricted limit of 12 icons in folders is not known yet. Though, it is believed that due to the lack of memory, it has compelled Apple to opt for certain icons in one folder. However, iOS hackers are always one step ahead and they have found a way to extend the capability and at the same time, to prevent those memory leaks. Needless to say, the device may go into safe mode because of the instant crash.

Anyways, infinifolders works decently most of the times. You can download the tweak from BigBoss repository for free. Try it now! Let’s know your thoughts in comment section.

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