WebOffline via Cydia lets You Read Saved Pages On Safari Without Internet Connection

WebOffline tweak is a step ahead in terms of reading list from Apple. Suppose if you like a page which wanted to read later. Due to the shortage of time, you would either bookmark or save it in the reading list of mobile safari in iOS devices. Now, you took the iPad along where the internet connection was not available and unfortunately, your iPad was a wifi model. At this situation, WebOffline plays a significant role. 

When you bookmark or save a page in reading list for later read, it reloads the page again which means that it  pushes the data from the server of that link. Most of the people won’t call the right way to save a page. WebOffline does that in the best way possible. It is integrated in the action list of mobile safari. Though it can be customized from the settings icon on the springboard. Just download the tweak, open the safari on iPhone, tap on the action button and an option to save the page will appear automatically.

Once the page is saved, you can go to bookmarks>saved pages> and open it from their itself. It’s as simple as that. WebOffline has been made available through BigBoss repository. It comes at a price tag of $1.99 in Cydia store. We feel it a bit costly but worth to lookout for. However, it didn’t work on our iPad running on iOS 5.0 when we installed it. You can try out on your iPhone 4. The support might be restricted for a while.


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