Is the iPhone 4S battery Issue A Hardware Problem?

Even after the iOS 5.0.1 update by Apple failed to solve the battery issues in the iPhone 4S, the question a lot of people have begun to ask is whether the battery issues are the result of a hardware issue.

Well, the answer to this intriguing question is a plain No, as per the tests conducted by ZDNet. Posed by the same question ZDNet got hold of an app developer and two iPhone 4S handsets. The difference between the two being one had the battery draining issues whereas the other iPhone 4S seemed to be performing perfectly fine.

So the developer backed up both the handsets and factory reset the devices. Once this was done, the developer swapped the phones and restored the back up on the different phones than they were originally in. And interestingly after restoration, the phone that had battery draining issues now seemed to be working fine and the one that was working fine earlier now had battery issues.

This clearly suggests that the battery issues lies with the software and the not the hardware part of the iPhone 4S.  The process was conducted on just two handsets we can’t be entirely sure of it only being a software issue.

But the other very interesting observation reported by ZDNet reporter is that once he upgraded his iPhone 4 to the iOS 5.0.1, even his iPhone 4 has started suffering from battery issues. Well so have I upgraded my iPhone 4 to the iOS 5.0.1, but I don’t exactly see my phone gripping with battery issues.

Anyways, we will keep you updated on the issue. In the meanwhile, do let us know in comments below if your iPhone 4 / 4S or iPad has been facing battery issues after the upgrade to the iOS 5.0.1.

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