How To Free iCloud Storage Space, Instantly

With over 200 million iOS devices and over 100 million of them on iOS 5, Apple has many iCloud users. Right from the time we got iCloud on our iPad 2 and iPhone 4, we are looking at small issues that spoils the experience. One of these was the google sync incompatibility, another one is the free iCloud storage given by Apple.
When Apple announced free 5GB storage with iCloud we were a little skeptical as having a full fledged email experience can take more than 5GB. Google itself gives well over 7GB free and charge only $5 for additional 20GB. Apples iCloud storage is expensive when compared to Google and that’s not the only difference. It seems Apple has lot to charge us for. 

iCloud Storage
Within a week of moving to iCloud, I got a notice email from Apple that I am running out of space.  l had occupied 4.3GB of space it notified. Another week later it went up to 4.9GB and I finally decided to look into it. As I figured the camera roll between my iPad 2 and iPhone 4 we’re eating more than 2.8GB of space.
While Apple backs up 1000 recent photos on photostream it also backs up all app data which includes the camera roll by default.  When I looked into my iCloud settings to manage the storage (Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>Manage Storage), it revealed the 2.8GB taken up by my camera roll.
The camera roll for me comes mainly from my iTunes and is backed up to my iPhoto often with no real need to keep in on iCloud I switched it off and instantly freed up space. So if you are puzzled by the amount of space iCloud eats up, you might want to disable the camera roll. For me that meant savings worth 2.8GB.