iOS 5.0.2 Said To Bring Battery Fix / Siri Updates, Indian Accent Support?

Apple has had its share of troubles with iOS 5, iCloud and iPhone 4S. While none of them are major, the battery drain bug in iOS is troubling many. An updated version of iOS (v 5.0.1) was released to counter the battery performance issues but it seems the same has failed to help the situation. Now rumors are rife that Apple is gearing up with an iOS 5.0.2 update that would tackle the battery issue and also add some more features to Siri. 

Apple’s engineers are investigating the battery issue and while we have no certain way to know how well iOS 5.0.2 would fare, we sure know that Siri coming in is logical. Apple had support for Australian accent in iOS 5.0.1 and with the India and presumable a more widespread Asian launch before month end, Apple might well tweak Siri further. But the rumor out in the open isn’t related to accent, but more commands like clicking a photograph, taking a video or toggling WiFi / Bluetooth on or off. The Siri rumor also claims more maps bit with and local search coming to more countries. Again, that can help India as Yelp certainly won’t work for India.

Apple 4S battery fix in IOS 5.0.2

The Apple iPhone 4S is expected to hit Indian shores on 25th November and many speculations about its pricing is out. Apple would likely unveil the 4S together in a dozen or so countries on that date and we would hope that the battery drain issue is fixed by then, so is some Siri enhancements are included for Indian accent to work. We have had our minute or two with Siri and can tell you that in its current form (the UK version) isn’t handling Indian accent.

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