Infiniboard Updated To Support iOS 5 [Tweak]

Chpwn, one of the iOS developer who was also responsible for porting Siri to iDevices has updated Infiniboard. Infiniboard now supports iOS 5 with tremendous improvements in the performance. Now, you would feel less crashes with all the other functionality enabled on your iPhone. With Infiniboard, you can add as many icons on any page of your springboard. 

Chpwn’s work on developing tweaks had been highly appreciated in the past. Due to which he continued to extend the compatibility for the upcoming mobile operating systems from Apple. Recently, he also updated infinifolders which could surpass Apple restrictions of adding limited icons in the folders. His main emphasis has always been to find the possibilities without affecting the performance of the device. It seems that @chpwn has managed to do it in the right way.

Some of the improvements over previous version are mentioned below:

1) Full iOS 5 support.
2) Some numerous bug fixes which people experienced earlier.
3) Some improvements over the performance of the tweak.

If you want to customize anything, you can do it under settings. Now, respiring doesn’t affect the alignment of your icons. They would remain in the same state. Any icon tweak is now completely supported. You can purchase Infiniboard from Cydia at  a price tag of $0.99 under BigBoss repository. One should definitely give it a try if you are a fond of customizations and not in favor of those restrictions from the fruit company. Shout out in the comment section if you like this tweak.


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