Apple iOS Easier To Monetize Than Google's Android, Say App Developers

It was always believed that developers on the Apple’s Appstore make more revenues as compared to fellow developers on the Android front.

The fact has been confirmed by analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, who states that Apple accounts for more than 90% of the dollars spent on mobile apps compared to Android’s meager 7% for the same.

The results of the research are based on the numbers provided by Apple publicly and data from Androlib, which is an applications discovery tool in Android.

As per the research, Android has generated about 330 million in revenues compared to Apple’s mighty $4.9 billion in gross sales till date. The Android market has only 1.3% of its apps as paid in comparison with Appstore which has 14% paid apps.

Interestingly though, Munster suggests that Android users pay more per app in comparison to their iOS counterparts, with the Top 50 apps on the Android platform having an average selling price of $3.79 as compared to iOS’ $2.01.

With Google having activated 200 million devices to date, there would be around 34 applications per Android device whereas in comparison iOS devices have about 71 applications each.

Munster had also polled developers at Apple’s WWDC and found that 47% of app developers also develop applications for Android as well. Though, all the developers spoke in unison of the Appstore being much more profitable as compared to Android.

Although, Google’s Android is closing the gap in terms of revenue generated and will be doing it faster than Apple’s iOS, iOS is expected to retain majority of the share for the next 3-4 years.

I’m just wondering where Windows Phone will be in the next 3-4 years. Any guesses? Feel free to comment below… J

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