iCaughtU via Cydia Takes The Picture And Send If The Password is Entered Incorrectly [Tweak]

Well, you might have used ‘Find My iPhone/iPad’ service from Apple which lets you trace the current location of your iPhone, wipe the data, set the passcode, and even send any important message. iCaughtU is a kind of extension to that service. The tweak can be downloaded from cydia which allows you to take the picture of the person if the password is entered incorrectly on the lock screen and send it to the mentioned email address under settings. 

However, there are many more features available in iCaughtU, but that require a pro version of the tweak called ‘iCaughtU Pro’. Unlike, iCaughtU, this version is not available for free of cost. The tweak is very handy if your iPhone or iPad is stolen from anywhere. Only requirement is the front facing camera to take the photo instantly and a data service. The captured photo will be send automatically without any notification from the user. In addition to the pic, it also sends the location and a map which eventually helps the user to catch the thief.

You can try out the tweak under BigBoss repository from cydia. It is an amazing way to know how many people touched your device when you were not present at the place ;). In the pro version of iCaughtU, you can get may other features such as Android Lock XT compatibility, an option to send SMS and other configuration. Let’s know in the comment section what do you think about this tweak.