iPhone 4S Launched in India, Available From Aircel & Airtel

It’s finally here! iPhone 4S has been launched in India from Aircel and Airtel. In the midnight, we were there at the launch event for the first hands-on with the flagship device from Apple. When we got the device in our hands, we didn’t feel any difference. As Philip Schiller said in the presentation, it is entirely different from the inside. We believed the statement and moved ahead. Whoa! it was blazing fast. Thanks to the dual core (A5) processor. And of course, the siri implementation was amazing. 

We also tried some games such as Real Racing and Infinity Blade. When it comes to the graphics and performance, they were certainly better . The graphics appeared more sharper and it never hanged even once when many applications were opened in the multitasking bar. The next thing we tried was Siri. For the first time, it didn’t catch most of the long sentences which were dictated to it. Though we kept on trying and alas, it worked.

We set the reminder for a meeting at 10 am, checked weather in New Delhi, set an alarm and removed it instantly to know if it works. Everything was fluent and working as expected. Due to which, our impression over Siri changed. We advice you that you shouldn’t not lose hope if Siri is unable to pick up your accent. Keep trying and it will adjust with you in a while. It is also rumored that Apple will add Indian accent support for Siri either in iOS 5.0.2 or iOS 5.1.

We are mostly betting on iOS 5.1 because iOS 5.0.2 is specifically targeted for battery issues. At the launch, Airtel and Aircel handed over iPhone 4S in the midnight  to those customers who pre-booked first. Now, if you want to buy an iPhone 4S for yourself here in India, you can checkout at nearest Aircel or Airtel store. However, availability of the stock could be an issue. For more information on prices, see here. Let’s know in the comment section if you have already bought it.