FaceBreak via Cydia is Updated To Support FaceTime Over 3G On iOS 5.0 or iOS 5.0.1

After endless rumors before the release of iOS 5.0, FaceTime still doesn’t support 3G networks. This means that you would need a Wifi network in the midway if you want to video chat with other iDevice. There is no reason why Apple has kept these restrictions for the FaceTime. But with the help of FaceBreak, you can enable it under settings and surpass the restriction through a tweak. 

FaceBreak has been recently updated to support iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1. Needless to say, it would support iOS 5.0.2 because the upcoming software will not have major changes except battery fixes. Though, nothing can be said right now. There are many other way with which you can enable FaceTime over 3G with some changes in the system files. Those who don’t want to enter these complexities, they can definitely try out the tweak which is convenient and simple to use.

FaceBreak is available in Cydia under BigBoss repository. It comes at a price tag of $1.99. If you use FaceTime regularly and doesn’t care about your 3G data, this tweak is meant for you. In addition to iOS 5 support, many other bugs have been fixed in this version. Do you think that Apple will enable the functionality official in the upcoming software updates? Let’s know in the comment section.