Ban Not Terribly Fair To Samsung, Says Appeals Judge

The Apple-Samsung patent battle has been filled with so many twists and turn that it would put even a thriller movie to shame.

Now in a latest turns of events, Lindsay Foster, an appeals judge in Australia has said that the ban on the sales of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tab was not entirely fair to Samsung.  Meanwhile Samsung’s lawyer Neil Young has stated that Annabelle Bennett, the judge who presided over the original case was very harsh on Samsung and also indicated that the judgment was flawed, stating that she “made a series of fundamental errors of principle”.

The hearing on the Samsung’s appeal to get the ban lifted will be heard early next week, in which Samsung will be hoping to get some relief in the form of the lifting of the ban. Although, its not clear how these recent developments will affect the case.

Samsung has also countersued Apple seeking a ban on the launch of the future iPhone and iPad in Australia and the hearing of the same will be conducted in March next year. This was a radical step Samsung was forced to take after Apple refused to accept the olive branch extended by Samsung.

Samsung will be hoping some respite in Australia after bans in other countries in the EU like Germany, Netherlands etc.