Siri0us On iPhone 4 Lets You Use Siri Dictation Without System Files From iPhone 4S [Video]

Siri0us for iPhone 4 is amazing tweak which lets you use Siri dictation without the need of iPhone 4S system files. It simply uses the voice engine which powers the flagship device from Apple. Hackers have tried porting Siri on iPhone 4 as well iPhone 3GS, but the method was completely illegal and violated Apple policies. Though they have been successful in doing so. Check out the video from iDB


This developer, not only ported the Siri dictation which worked pretty well. At the same time, he hasn’t violated any rights due to lack of system file migrations. Undoubtedly, Siri doesn’t require dual core processors for the service to work smoothly. Instead, it is only a marketing technique to sell their products. This step towards the Siri dictation is an indication that we would be able to see a fully functional Siri, similar to iPhone 4S in coming days.

Unfortunately, when we tried installing the tweak on our iPad, it didn’t work. However, we hoped that it would. It could be due to the limitation of optimized UI for the 9 inch display. Anyhow, we are hoping that the support will be  added soon. Others have tried on their iPhone 4 and it seems to be working fluently, that is, without any problems. Needless to say, your accent may mess up with the dictation. So, first try dictating small sentences and check if it works for you or not.

You can add this repo for the tweak to download: Believe me, it is very much comparable with the actual Siri in comparison to dictation. There’s no such functionality in Siri0us which will let you set alarms, check weather and forecast, set reminder, show you the location etc. Just try it out and let’s know in the comment section what do you think about it?

[Update]: If the repo doesn’t work for you, keep trying. After experiencing several errors, you would be able to add it in Cydia. Once added, search for ‘Siri0us’ and install.

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