iOS 5.1 Beta 2 Brings Some New Wallpapers For The iPad

We had generally seen that Apple include wallpapers in major firmware updates. Last time, these wallpapers were added in iOS 4.0 and nothing was included in iOS 5 for users. The only wallpaper which Apple kept on using on iPhone or iPad is water drops with a shade of light blue and white. Fortunately, they have added some new wallpapers in iOS 5.1 Beta 2 for iPad. 

We are not sure if these wallpapers would be available for iPhone as well, but they have been found on iPad. Though people have compressed them to work on iPhone. If you have an iPad, you can downloaded these wallpaper after the break. I recently tried some of them. Let me tell you, they look amazing on iPad. One should definitely give them a try on their iDevices.

iOS 5.1 Beta 2 is mainly targeted to fix the photo stream issues on Apple devices. And an another attempt to fix the battery issues with iPhone 4S and other devices. We are expecting several more beta of iOS 5.1 in coming days. At least one to address some import ants bug fixes. Also, who knows that Apple would include new wallpapers on iPhone beta firmware as well. We would love to hear from you about these wallpapers. Do you like them or not?